Marinated Fire-Grilled Hanger Steak

I’ve heard such great things about hanger steak the last year or so, that I decided it was time to give it a try. Prized for its robust flavor, it was often called “butcher’s filet”, as butchers in the know kept it for themselves rather than sell it. Sadly, like other wonderful but lesser known cuts of beef, like tri-tip and flat iron steak, it often winds up in the meat grinder. Perhaps many of us have already sampled hanger steak in hamburgers past!

Like skirt steak, hanger steak is best marinated and cooked to no more than medium rare or it can become tough and lose its moist, tender texture. Hanger steak also has a tough membrane running through the middle of it, so it must be removed, which then separates the meat into two elongated pieces that look like a slim tenderloin.

I was able to locate some USDA Prime Hanger Steak at Huntington Meats at the LA Farmer’s Market for $5.99 per lb, and asked the butcher to trim it for me. When I brought it home, I assembled the ingredients for my marinade: Olive oil, salt, pepper, crushed garlic, fresh chopped rosemary and thyme, lemon(yes, that IS a lemon and not an orange!), and Dijon mustard.



I opened the package to take a closer look:



I added all my marinade ingredients to a bowl:



After I mixed up the marinade, I put the two pieces of hanger steak in a bag and poured the marinade over the meat, making sure to coat it thoroughly:



The meat then went into the fridge for the day.

That evening, I pulled the meat out of the fridge and out of the bag:



I seasoned the steak with Rub Company Original rub and let the meat sit for a while so it could come up to room temp:


A bit later, I fired up the Kingsford Oval for indirect, and added a piece of oak:



About 10 mins later, I flipped the steaks:


When the steaks reached an internal temp of 110 degrees, I put it them on the hot side of the grill:



I pulled the steaks when the internal temp was about 130 degrees, and brought the meat inside to rest for a bit.

Time to start slicing!



Serious juicy goodness:



Served up and ready to eat:



The Missus and I were blown away at the fork tender texture of the meat. It almost melted in our mouths, and what incredible, rich beefy flavor! We’ll be doing this again, and hope you’ll give it a shot if you’ve never had it before…