Snake River Farms Kobe Center Cut Filet

About a month ago, I ordered a Snake River Farms Kobe Center Cut Filet, which I decided to cook for The Missus on her birthday, which we spent in Big Bear Lake, CA. Special occasions demand special meat!

Here’s a view from our friends’ place balcony, where the festivities took place:

Vision Kamado with gear at the ready:

So here’s how the beef looked in the package:

I was expecting a bit more marbling from a piece of Kobe filet:

I rubbed the meat with a combo of ground pepper, sea salt, coffee, turbinado sugar, and a bit of paprika, as I wanted the meat to have a really nice crust.

Fired up the Kamado with mesquite lump:

And on it went:

About 40 minutes into the cook, and turned once:

I pulled the meat when the internal reached 125 degrees. I was advised that this cut fares better at close to medium, so I figured it would come up to about 135 during the rest.

And here it is sliced:

Closer look:

Everyone was exclaiming how great it was while we ate, including moi. Yes, we served the meat with some other goodies, like a homemade Caesar Salad and grilled asparagus, but the meat was the star of this dinner, and what better occasion than your lovely wife’s birthday?

At $150 for the roast, which weighed in at about 1.5 lbs  that comes out to $37.50 per person, but if you think about it, you’d easily pay 2-3 times that at an upper tier steakhouse, so that’s a pretty darn good deal in my book.