Garlic & Rosemary Encrusted Rotisserie Boneless Leg of Lamb

I noticed some marinated boneless lamb legs at the local supermarket recently. I'm not one to usually buy pre-seasoned packaged meats, but they didn't have any preservatives or soaked in some kind of frankenbrine, so I bought one and grilled it, and it was great!

So I picked up another one the other day, and decided to try it using my new Onefire Weber Kettle rotisserie kit. Here it is in the package:

Pulled it out of the package:

Then I seasoned the meat generously with some BBQ rub and my signature homemade coffee rub to help it develop a nice "crust":

All ready to go on the kettle:

Meanwhile, I set up the Weber with coals positioned on opposing sides of where the rotisserie rod would be placed:

And on it went, along with some chunks of oak on the hot coals to help infuse the meat with a nice smoky flavor:

Once the rotisserie was mounted and turned on, I placed a pan under the meat to catch the drippings. About 35 minutes later, I took the lid off, and was treated to this vision of goodness:

At that point, the temp was around 120, so I let it spin for another 10 minutes and pulled the roast off to rest. It read about 130 at that point, the exact target temp I was looking for.

Here's some pics after I sliced it and dressed the meat with pan juices:

The meat was fantastic, and significantly more juicy then the last one, which I just grilled. And the crust that developed from all the garlic, rosemary, BBQ and coffee rubs was off the charts.