Pig Candy Cinnamon Pecan Rolls

For those of you who aren't familiar with pig candy, it is one of the the most sublime things you could ever eat; raw bacon brushed with maple syrup, then sprinkled with brown sugar, and then smoked(or baked, but not as tasty) till fully cooked. Once you eat it after it's fully cooled it is a flavor explosion of crisp, sweet salty goodness that gives you that feeling that all is truly well in the world, at least in that particular moment. Pig candy became popular about ten years ago, and has evolved into versions covered in chocolate, vanilla icing, and even used in ice cream. What I haven't seen is pig candy in cinnamon rolls, so I thought it high time to make it happen, with the hopes it will go viral and spread the pig candy goodness throughout the world.  The idea was to not only put pig candy inside the rolls, but to also top the rolls with the pig candy.

Before you make the rolls, you have to make the pig candy. I brushed the bacon with maple syrup and topped with some brown sugar, I also added a sprinkling of John Henry Pecan Rub:

I put the bacon(remember, it's not pig candy yet) on a nonstick grilling pan on my Weber One Touch Gold, using a rotisserie ring to create added height to prevent burning. Here it is as it was getting close to done:


Here is the bacon after cooking and cooling, now fully transformed into pig candy:


Once the pig candy was done, it was time to make the rolls, and cook them. I'll let the next series of pictures do the talking:


When the rolls cooled a bit, they were topped with icing, and more pig candy:

And here is one single pig candy cinnamon pecan roll, a literal universe of vast deliciousness:

These were the best cinnamon rolls I have ever eaten, and it had EVERYTHING to do with the pig candy!

Here's a link to the recipe The Missus used for the rolls:


All you need to make these is a batch of pig candy(8 slices) and you're all set!